Rhonda Davis

I am a storyteller.

Our perception of the world is based on the stories we are told through visual and oral storytelling. These stories are gleaned from our family, friends and the media. In turn, we create environments for ourselves based on our interaction with others that are built on these stories.
I am interested in people and the physical/emotional systems created either by choice or by the actions and choices of others, our “identity residue”. Some of these constructs are illusions meant to give a sense of security about the world or used to create an image we want others to have of us in order to make, maintain or end these connections. I explore these connections and frail circumstances of life by examining and using images and symbols to try to convey meaning. It is my attempt to capture my impressions of the world around me with images that might consist of what is readily apparent mixed with my own interpretation of the object, skewed through my perception of “the story”. Using objects and images in both literal and symbolic ways, I inject my visual story onto the surface to convey the uncertainty and fleeting nature of life and the structure we base identity around.